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1. Since this is a DW blog — who is your favourite companion? Answer in twofold: companion in terms of personality and companion in terms of ‘what they did for the Doctor’. If they are the same person, mention second favourite.

Okeydoke, my favourite companion would be *drum rolls* Martha. I feel like I could relate most with her, even more so with the unrequited love. She’s brave, she’s witty, and she’s willing to take risks and made decisions when no one else could. (Remember the year that never was? She’s a total BAMF.)

In terms of ‘what they did for the Doctor’ I think it’s a tie in between Rose and Donna. With Rose, the Doctor could almost become who he was before the War (I say almost because really, who would still be the same after any war) and with Donna, the Doctor found, in a way, a sister figure, someone who’s not afraid to give him a slap on the head for being stupid. Yay!

2. The most important life question: coffee or tea? [ and how do you drink it? ]

Tea. A bit of sugar and no milk. Never milk. Milk, ew.

If it’s Earl Grey, I demand a biscuit with it.

3. Your morning routine — describe it to me.

On weekdays: snooze, snooze, snooze. Gets yelled by mother about uni and wakes up bleary-eyed. Shower. Pick random clothes from the wardrobe, usually a t-shirt and a jacket if I don’t feel like wearing a proper shirt (my uni requires its students to wear at least a shirt, but my faculty is a little more flexible and we can get away with a t-shirt as long as we hid it under a jacket). Shoves books, notes, pens, wallet, headset in a sling bag and then I’m off to uni with a motorbike. If I wasn’t late, I usually had a bit of a breakfast.

4. What would your current ideal partner look/behave/be like, or, if you’ve found them, who is it?

Christopher Eccleston.

No, actually there’s this person I really really like but we’re going nowhere *sob*.

A general hope would be: he watches Doctor Who. Even if he doesn’t it’d be totally okay because I can slowly poison him with it later. He would be able to grow a proper beard because I have a thing for facial hair. Enough knowledge of pop culture, completely understand my fangirling needs and my kind of music. He would be totally okay with me just staring at his face or into his eyes for hours because I like doing so (yes hey I’m creepy) aaand hugging. Lots of hugging and cuddling and some other things.

Also he must allow me to choose CE over him if the chance ever shows up.

5. Do you pick the Fire, the Grass or the Water starter? Answer for each region you’re familiar with.

Water, because water is strong and water is patient.

I haven’t played Pokemon for years.

6. You’ve got to go bungeejumping, hanggliding, or cage-diving with sharks. Which do you pick and why?

Hanggliding, then cage-diving with sharks and then bungeejumping. Because I want to collect do ‘em all. Bungeejumping would be the last choice because I hate the sensation of falling.

7. Blondes or brunettes? [ the person that doesn’t answer with gingers get punched. ]

Alright, alright, gingers :P

Look, I don’t care what your hair colour is. Mine’s black. Like, jet-black. If you just happen to have very pale blonde hair, I have a thing for you. A major one. If you can rock coloured hair (blue, pink, purple), you’re awesome.

8. What sort of cellphone do you have right now? If you still have an oldie, why haven’t you gotten a smartphone? If you do have a smartphone, why the brand you have?

An Android smartphone. Sony Xperia Sola. Why? It’s cheap, it’s attractive and slim and it’s Android. It looks expensive and tech savvy.

9. Milk, white or dark chocolate — and, perhaps more importantly, what filling, exactly?

Either is fine. I love chocolate in all its forms. Filling: liquor, caramel and anything crunchy.

10. Favourite Disney villain, no matter how terrified you were of them as a kid.

Maleficent. Mistress of All Evil and did she rock that robe. Also she could turn into a dragon. SHE’S JUST SO AWESOME OKAY.

11. Hello, you. You’re all wonderful. Willyou promise to tell me when you’re feeling low, so I can talk you through it and offer a shoulder to lean on?

I promise. Cross my hearts. *hugs*



  1. What is your favourite childhood book?
  2. What is your opinion on people who can read but won’t?
  3. Is it okay to hate something/someone/anything without any particular reason?
  4. Often times, life is just so demanding. What do you do to unwind?
  5. RTD or The Moff?
  6. You’re a mutant. What ability would you have and which side would you choose— Professor X’s or Magneto’s?
  7. What would your restaurant be named after?
  8. Do you know what a baby panther is?
  9. Guitar, piano or drums?
  10. In ten minutes time, would you tell that very special someone about how you feel?
  11. If we ever met in real life, what would be the most likely scenario?
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