rosegundays replied to your post “ϴ My activity graph is flatlining. Understandably so.”

[ well moffat is gonna write season 9 too so best wait sitting down :////////// ]

heh I’ve built a pillow fort, even.
care to join? XP


Screencap Meme | Nine/Rose + Dress Me Up requested by anonymous


My activity graph is flatlining.
Understandably so.


When you’re 99.9% sure that the person typing is actually the character they’re RPing as. 



Martha in #22, requested by waltzing-with-my-inner-geek


You can plead all you’d like. Still not gonna change it from bein’ true.

I was sayin’ that I don’t feel guilty at all in—
          [ —pleasuring you? That doesn’t sound right at all, does it? ]

—in you. About asking you to travel with me, that is.
     [ he clarifies ]


"Aren’t you modest." Kate replies back a little sassy. But then again; she hopes that he doesn’t challenge her to a round. Her older brothers would beat her without a problem.


The Doctor bit back a laugh. “I’m not being modest. I’m bragging my thirty seven thousand eight hundred an’ fifty-six high score. To you.”

summinkofthewolf replied to your post: doortotomorrow said:Hey Nine, thi…

I think you mean to say, “Rose Tyler.”

That you’re my guilty pleasure? I plead innocence.

doortotomorrow said: Hey Nine, this may be a strange question, but do you have any guilty pleasures? Like bad soap operas, dumb comedies? Stuff like that!

"Mostly futuristic reality TV shows. Like the one where people had to live with bears. That was fantastic. But they don’t make ‘em like that anymore. I had to settle for Top Gear.”