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this is like hella late but gurl, love me anyway, yeah?

six similarities between mun & muse:

  • We both are boot-wearers. I don’t remember the last time I wear shoes that aren’t hi-tops or boots.
  • We’re both quite blunt with our words.
  • When we love, we love hard. Whether it’s a thing, a sentient ship or a person. Like a tool, a time machine or a companion.
  • Bananas are really good.
  • We both go from megawatt grin to oncoming storm in seconds flat. And vice versa, too. Just leave us alone when we’re in that kind of mood.
  • We also have a (perhaps surprisingly, for our cold exterior) relatively positive outlook on life, the universe and everything in general. That is, until we meet those he so aptly nicknamed ‘stupid apes’.

six differences between mun & muse:

  • His eyes are prettier than mine.
  • Obviously he’s about one Time Lord smarter than me.
  • I still haven’t found the right leather jacket.
  • Or the love.
  • I can’t run. Well I can, I just don’t have the stamina. I’ve been meaning to change that.
  • Compared to his five-billion languages, I only speak three.
Anonymous said: Hello friend ilu and miss you ;n; ❤️

who art thou o mysterious anon ;n ;
i’ve missed this place too but i’m still in a certain mood about the whole gig

Ahem. Hello there, people.

I’m, er, announcing a hiatus. For a month, and maybe a half.
Expect me to be back mid-September the earliest. If you ever, ahem, miss me, hit me up through the askbox ‘cos I’ll be lurking. Also you can add my skype—which you can get by sending me an ask!


And see y’all then <3


but why do they hurt?

rosegundays replied to your post “ϴ My activity graph is flatlining. Understandably so.”

[ well moffat is gonna write season 9 too so best wait sitting down :////////// ]

heh I’ve built a pillow fort, even.
care to join? XP


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